Julie Torchin

Stevie Nicks Vocals


​​Julie Torchin  performed for 6 years in the successful Chicago based tribute to Heart and Fleetwood Mac playing the part of both Stevie Nicks and Nancy Wilson.  She has shared the stage with national acts and musicians such as Cheap Trick, Grand Funk, Paul Rogers, Howard Leese(Heart!), Mickey Thomas, Joan Jett, Jim Peterik, Mike Reno, Survivor, Fee Waybill, 3Dog Night, Kevin Chalfont  and more.  Most notable venues include House of Blues,  Comisky Park, Hawthorne Race Track, Vic Theatre, Navy Pier, World Music Theatre, OC Pavilion, Wildflower Fest, Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience.  Julie also performs as "Nancy Wilson" in the national Heart  tribute “Heart Alive” as well as her own original alternative rock projects, “Surrounding Sara” and "Love Survive".  In 2020 Julie collaborated with Karen Hart to form rock band Vinyl Vixens as well as Nicks Chicks, a tribute to Stevie Nicks and Friends. For more on Julie, please visit surroundingsara.com and lovesurvive.com. Her original music can be downloaded at lovesurvive.bandcamp.com  *Julie is also an advocate for Child Rescue Coalition, an organization fighting child sexual abuse & trafficking. Please visit childrescuecoalition.com for more information on how you can help!

Karen Hart

Christine McVie Vocals/Keys


Karen Hart's first performance was at the Rosemont Horizon and she has been ROCKIN' ever since. Karen has performed with Cheap Dates, Battlefield (a Pat Benatar tribute band), portrayed Linda McCartney in Band on the Run (a Paul McCartney Tribute band) and portrayed Nancy Wilson in Heart to Heartbreaker (a Heart and Pat Benatar tribute band). Karen started her own band, the Karen Hart Band , performing at large festivals throughout the Chicagoland suburbs and surrounding cities.  Karen is also known for her tribute to The Pretenders Karen Hart Band "Pretending" .  Most recently she has been performing with Julie Torchin in the rock band Vinyl Vixens and Nicks Chicks, a tribute to Stevie Nicks and friends. 

Karen has shared the stage with national acts such as the Gin Blossims, the Smithereens, Dennis DeYoung, the Ides of March, Davy Jones and the New Colony Six. Karen's high-energy and powerful vocals, along with her keyboard and guitar skills is exactly why she was the perfect fit for Fleetwood Nicks. Her love of music is evident in her performance and watching the fun she has on stage, you can't help but join in on it.  Karen has always been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and was thrilled to share the stage with the other members of Fleetwood Nicks. 

Brad Torchin

Lindsey Buckingham

Vocals & Lead Guitar


​​Brad started strumming guitar when he was only 8 years old. He played for years in the SoCal club scene, while studying software engineering at UCSD. After many years of playing Rock, Blues and Jazz throughout California, he now plays with Fleetwood Nicks as the part of Lindsey Buckingham. Brad is enjoying the opportunity to play many challenging guitar roles such as Roger Fisher of Heart, Neil Geraldo, and of course the unique style of Lindsey Buckingham, whom he has admired and respected for years. Brad also performs in  "Heart Alive" a national tribute to Heart.  Brad also performs each year at the Smith Center in Las Vegas opening for many notable musicians.

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Dave Davis

Drums, Percussion


Dave began playing drums at age 11 while living in Clay, West Virginia. He then took up guitar at age 14 and was in a few local bands at a very early age. Dave moved to Morgantown WV where he attended college where he received his BA, MA and JD in law school. He performed in the popular band Satchel Brown where he played lead guitar and shared lead vocals. Dave also played bass for 1.5 years in another local group. Satchel Brown recorded their first album in 2006, before Dave planned to head west for Las Vegas late 2007. Dave joined the band just days before their Lake Las Vegas gig July 2008. Dave's flawless performance that night proved he is an incredible talent that we are honored to share the stage with! Dave also plays the role of Roger Fisher in "Heart Alive", a tribute to Heart, and most recently the part of Barry Gibb in the well known Australian Bee Gees show in Las Vegas!

Danny Buss

Bass Guitar


Danny grew up in the heart of Chicago's music scene playing drums, guitar and bass. His passion for bass was noticed by a band opening on tour for Deep Purple. Danny's life on the road with this legendary band gave him not only the experience of performing in front of stadium audiences, but the drive to do his own original material. Danny began writing his own music in Chicago, while playing in a Heart/Fleetwood Mac tribute opening for acts such as Cheap Trick, Grand Funk and many more.
Since relocating to Las Vegas, Danny has played in several different national tributes including "Unauthorized Ozzy", where Brad Gillis has joined them on stage, as well as the national Heart Tribute "Heart Alive". Danny was the obvious choice to be bassist for both shows, not only because he knows this music inside and out, but because he will kill us if we are not the very best.(ha)

Aaron Olson

Rhythm Guitar


Aaron was born just outside of Fresno, CA, but grew up and spent most of his life in Las Vegas.  He started playing drums at the tender age of ten, and was touring professionally by the age of 19.  In addition to playing drums, he plays guitar and bass, and is an accomplished song writer.  He won several  contests with notable radio airplay and has sold jingles to national companies.  He has played in many professional bands with extensive experience in the casino and corporate circuits, most notably "The Fab"...one of the most recognized Beatles Tributes in the country, that has a regular show every week in Las Vegas.  Aaron started contributing his rock-solid talent to the band's tribute to Heart  "Heart Alive"in 2012 - his first show being Feather Falls Casino Showroom-a venue that Heart themselves has played. That same year the band asked Aaron to play rhythm guitar in Fleetwood Nicks so that Heart Alive & Fleetwood Nicks could be all the same band members performing both shows.

Dave Miller



Dave is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music and a veteran of the Las Vegas music Scene. He is an accomoplished comoser and has had his music featured on numerous TV commercials, movies and network shows including "Scrubs".  Dave has toured the globe and performed with many of the worlds biggest rock stars including Phil Collen of Def Leppard.  Dave also performs in multiple shows throughout the Hawaiin islands.

Many thanks to our sub band members!

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